Technologies and Algorithms (for Art)

New Economy started February 23th 2020, when the city of Milan, the first in Europe, woke up with COVID19. From 1996 to 2020 the world was just training for it.

If your potential customer wants to see you in person before he sent you any money…ask yourself what’s wrong with your marketing and tell yourself that it is time to invest in technology. (Deodato Salafia)

What we do?

  • Virtual Reality for Museum and Art Fairs (please visit
  • Augmented reality, connected with your databases
  • Digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs that already fully understood the relation between technology and business
  • Remote controlled robotics

Who we are?

Deodato.Tech srl has Deodato Art Gallery as main investor and Deodato Salafia as scientific advisor. Technology parters are iCustom srl and Lieu.City srl.